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R1511P Embedded LTE Router

The R1511P Embedded 4G/LTE Router is a cost-effective small footprint board. It offers Ethernet WAN, Wifi WAN and 4G WAN interfaces. These can all be independently configured in our powerful onboard Operating System – RobustOS.

The R1511P is a fully featured embedded 4G router targeted at applications such as EV Charging, traffic signs, vending machines, medical instrumentation, industrial instrumentation and many more IoT-type applications. An embedded router solves two problems that traditional routers do not – cost and size.

The R1511P is a cost-effective small footprint board with Ethernet WAN, Wi-Fi WAN and 4G WAN interfaces that can all be independently configured in the powerful onboard Operating System – RobustOS.

RobustOS is Robustel’s brilliant Linux based router operating system that offers functionality that could take a software engineer many months to write and even more months to adequately test. Key features of RobustOS include:

RobustVPN – innovative use of Open VPN tunneling to provide a fixed IP address on the router anywhere

RCMS – Robustel’s Cloud management platform – essential for managing an estate of routers – can be OEM branded

Data Guard – critical ‘failsafe’ that stops unexpected data overusage within seconds of a threshold being breached

Smart Reboot – essential recovery solution for when your roaming SIM card doesn’t roam!

SMS Control – total control of the router using SMS for general status or fixing fault conditions with IP Comms

Automated failover – configure the router to automatically fail from WAN/Wifi to 4G with just a few clicks

Key Features

  • Small footprint powerful 4G router board – fully customisable in software
  • Dual Ethernet, Wifi (AP and client) and 4G/3G/2G capability
  • RS232 (default) or RS485 port for connection to serial devices + integrated Modbus gateway
  • Pre-certified PCB means that manufacturer certification challenges are minimised
  • Fully programmable Linux environment with excellent SDK Documentation
  • Can be connected directly to Raspberry Pi or similar low cost embedded PC for internet access
  • “Smart Reboot” included for enhanced Roaming SIM management
  • Bulk packaging + shipping options to minimise addition to customer BOM cost